Choose the best strategies to increase your Roulette Odds

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The best strategy ever to push-up your Roulette Odds

If you want to increase your chances of winning in roulette, then it’s most important that you increase your Roulette Odds by the maximum possible level. The best strategy that has and that is in existence is to bet on the European wheel rather than the American wheel. This is due to the reason that an American table has 38 numbered slots compared to the 37 slots of the European table. So in every bet the odds of winning on an American table are lower as compared to the European table.

On the American wheel the house edge is 5.26%, which compared to the 2.63% of the European wheel is far higher. This is due to the double zeros, 0 and 00 on this wheel, which tilt the odds more towards the casino. Moving a step ahead over the land-based European wheels, online casinos give out total numbered slots of 36 only. So, online casinos increase your odds of winning on a single number bet.

Inside betting is a strategy for those players who want to take home the highest winning amount from the roulette table. But, always keep in mind that this strategy places you in the zone of highest risk. There are different ways in which you can make an inside bet. A brief overview is given below for you to try out.

Straight-up bet: In this inside bet you increase you place your chips only on one single number. Due to the high risk involved in this single bet, it is not used often. But some of the players who have a liking for enjoying the thrill involved in taking the big risk. You can absolutely call this bet the long shot, because if you win, then you are in for a fortune. You can place your bet on thee number which is either a personal favorite or which corresponds to your birthday date.

Split bets: The odds of winning in this two number bet increase from the single bet to 17 to 1. In this bet, you select two numbers and place your chips on the number which lies between your selected numbers.

Similarly you can make street bets, which consists of three number bets and the odds of winning in this strategy are 11 to 1. The other inside bet is the square bets, which bets upon 4 numbers and finally the 6 number bets. You must have noted that each consecutive inside bet keeps on increasing your odds of winning at the game.

Opposite to inside betting odds, if you want to play it safe, then outside betting is your strategy. These Roulette Odds have a lower risk as compared to the inside bets. In fact, you can turn these outside bets as your best roulette bets. The different types of outside betting bets are:-

Group of 12 bets: You can use this outside betting strategy to double your money by make a win using 2 to 1 odds.

Red or Black bets: This bet pays you even money if you win by betting on either Red or Black. But if you loose then you loose your bet.

Odd/Even bets: In this betting strategy you bet on either the odd numbers or the even numbers. The bet is lost if the ball lands on the other series of numbers or on the zero or double zero.

Playing bandar slot instead of roulette can be a better idea when it comes to choose the odds. The winning odds in the roulette game is comparatively less. There are other slot games present over the online casino platform too for players to choose from. 

Low/High bets: In this betting strategy you bet on either the low numbers, starting from 1 to 18 or the high numbers from 19-36. If you win, then you are paid even money. In this bet also if the ball falls on either of the zeros, you will lose.

Roulette is the earliest table game that has been played in the casinos. You can tremendously increase your Roulette Odds of winning by learning the strategies and implementing them on online casinos. While playing online roulette you will find that there are lots and lots of advantages as compared to a real land based casino.