Do you want to play online poker with your friends? Try these applications!


With the development of Internet technology, almost everything is available on the Internet, and you can do anything online. If you are a poker lover, then you need not go to the casinos to try your luck as now you can play poker online on any situs judi online. Other than websites and online poker platforms, there are various applications too that allow you to add your friends and play online poker with them. There are numerous apps that you can use to enjoy poker sitting in your bed comfort. Some of the most amazing online poker apps are listed below.

Top-notch applications to play online poker with buddies

Appeak poker application

When it comes to online poker apps, then appeak poker is one of the most popular and highly preferred applications. One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is the simple and user-friendly interface that it offers to the users. It is quite easy to use it and play online poker. There are some astonishing features offered by it, such as duel function; this feature allows you to sit face to face with your friends and have a great poker game. The size application is a mere 27 MB, and it doesn’t take much space on your storage.

World Series poker 

World Series of poker, better known as the WSOP, is one of the top-rated poker games which allow you to win some real money. You can easily play it with your friends and earn loads of money. The payment and deposit methods are quite safe and efficient. The size of this poker application is a bit large, as it is of around 75 MB. But the features and interface are quite enjoyable, and you can use it to have some great poker sessions with your friends and colleagues.