Free Offers: The Casino’s Allure


We often hear “nothing in life is free”, but when the Casino sent us an offer for a free two night stay on the weekend, free meals, and slot money to play for my next visit we took them up on their offer.

Let me introduce you to the world of “comps” aka perks, and freebees, and gifts. These incentives are based on your play. When you enter a casino the first thing to do, before you begin playing, is go to the players club and obtain a free player’s card. There are different levels of player’s cards. Your progression to Elite, Ultra or such is based on your play. The highest level is for the high rollers, who may spend ten thousand dollars or more a year in play.

Insert your player’s card into your favorite slot machine while you are playing, or show your card to the dealer at your table. You are awarded points based on the time you play and or the amount of money you play on the machine or at the tables.

My partner and I decided that our offers could only get better if we both played on the same player’s card and combined our points for amount played. We found ourselves at the Elite level within one year. The offers did indeed get better. Where our offer was for a two night stay Sunday through Thursday we now were receiving the offers for free nights on the weekend. Wow! The going rate for a hotel room on the boardwalk during the weekend could be up to four hundred dollars. What a deal! Look at how much money we would be saving to stay on the weekend.

The free gifts were now even better. We were getting vacuum cleaners, coffee pots, handbags, toasters, and much more stuff we really didn’t need. All we had to do was stand in line with hundreds of others receiving the free gift as well.

But let me return to our free weekend. It was a beautiful weekend for traveling. The sun was shining brightly. It was a beautiful day to drive to Atlantic City and to see the ocean. Our room had a great ocean view, our meals would be paid for by our “host”, and as a bonus two free tickets for the show now playing in the casino theatre. This weekend’s free gift was a twenty dollar gift card to Home Depot and one hundred dollars in free slot play. What a fabulous deal! Not only that, nowadays, with the aid of modern technology, you can play poker without leaving the comfort of your home. This is through the online poker games like pkv games qq. You can now have a breath of poker using the Internet.

Total cost for our free weekend: Round trip Connecticut to Atlantic City , two tanks of gasoline: Seventy dollars, tolls: forty dollars, tips: thirtydollars, gambling: eight hundred dollars. Grand total nine hundred dollars and forty dollars! Nothing in life is free, especially a free offer from a Casino.