How To Run A Pub Bingo Quiz – Check the essentials!!


Pub quizzes are great fun, whether you play them actually in a pub or at an event or in your home. And a bingo-style pub quiz is an exciting way to ring the changes and enjoy a different type of quiz to what you are used to. A bingo quiz is a simple thing to organise – make life easier for yourself by following our top tips.

Know the Format

Pub quizzes are all based on the format of answering questions as individuals or teams, and the team with the highest number of correct answers at the end of the quiz is the winner. A Bingo Quiz is one way to format the pub quiz. In one variation of the bingo-style quiz, there is a picture round of questions and a round of general knowledge questions. สมัคร sbobet ฟรี ไม่ต้องฝาก experts will offer the best solution to the gamblers related to the problems. The use of the excellence will help in selecting the right platform for placing the bets at the platform. It will improve the winning chances at the platform.

Look Online for Questions

You can either make up your own questions or if you are short of time or inspiration, look online for quiz questions. Make them as difficult as you like but don’t make them too easy and tailor them to the level of knowledge your audience has. You don’t want to make the quiz so hard that people get frustrated playing.

Distribute Quiz Sheets

Before the bingo quiz starts, hand out the sheets of paper with the picture quiz questions and the answer sheets to the general knowledge questions. Have participants write their names on the sheets.

Start the Quiz

Have a quizmaster reading the questions out in a loud voice, making sure everyone can hear and keep up. The bingo quiz is different in that participants check off the answers to a quiz question on their bingo-style card, and when they have all the answers in one line, or in a specified pattern, they raise their hand. Check cards to see that they are accurate, and continue with the quiz until people have filled up their cards and someone has won the main prize.

Have Tie Breakers Ready

Remember that it is possible that more than one team will get a line, or a pattern, at the same time. Have tie breakers to hand in order to decide a winner, or decide ahead of time that both teams will get a prize – this is a better way to play when you are among friends and don’t want competition to get too intense.

Hand Out the Prizes

Make sure you have the prizes ready to award at the end of the evening. You don’t have to give out massive prizes unless you want to – small tokens will be enough if you are all playing for fun.

Check Out Other Bingo Quizzes

If you love bingo you’ll find many more quizzes online and different variations of the bingo quiz set-up. You will also find quizzes that test your knowledge of bingo and other online games, while other games allow you to test yourself against the clock. See what you can find and have fun.