Inter Casino Card Games

The card game is one of the inter casino games. The cards in this game are available in various designs. The cards are made up of different materials. Some types of cards are made of plastics, some others are made of thick paper. One side of the card has various images and the other type […]

Guide On Claiming Online Casino Bonuses

It’s really no mystery that gambling sites nowadays compete fiercely with one another. Firms in the gaming and telecommunications industries are always adapting to new developments in technology. Furthermore, more people than ever before are open to the notion of gambling on online sites. The gaming business is being shaped by the fight for new […]

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Gambling in a Casino

So, you want to make a few extra bucks for the day? Say about fifty or seventy-five dollars? Playing black jack could be the way to have the financial freedom to take your kids to the movies, go out to dinner, or simply buy those shoes or that case of beer for the party tonight.

I suggest going to a casino, as long as you have one near by, and deciding how much you want to make for the day. First off, you want to sit down at the table and not play the first few hands. Sit there and play about the 4th hand. Say you want to make $75 dollars for the day, place $25 dollar bets. This means you only have to win three hands to get your $75 dollar goal. When you win three hands then walk out, and you have made seventy five dollars that day. Don’t spend all your winnings. Save just $25 dollars each time to cover any losses. You are going to win, that is a guarantee, but so is losing. So if you lose the first hand, you have to cut your losses and walk out. But most nights you will walk out with your $75 dollar goal. And of course you can do it with any increment bet.

Beginners are advised that this is no child’s play and you need a lot of practice before setting foot in the casino, which you can do so by trying out situs poker online so that it would give you an idea of what to expect.

Review of The Stratosphere Poker Room

When most people think of the Stratosphere Hotel, they think of gimmicks, lights, and some roof-top amusements. Few folks know that this hotel actually has a pretty nice poker room. If you can get beyond the cheap look of the hotel, the shady area that it is in, and the overall stigma, then you will find something of a hidden gem of a poker room that is quite similar to Sakongkiu.

The low-rent nature of the hotel does not seem to carry over into the poker room. The room features tables that have some of the best felt in the entire city. The tables might not look like much, but when you sit down, you realize that they are of high quality. The chips are very nice, as well. They do a lot with this room considering what they have to work with.

If you decide to play the $1/$2 no-limit game with the $300 maximum buy-in, you will be treated to some of the weakest competition in the entire city. For the most part, good players can succeed in the Stratosphere poker room by buying into these games for the maximum amount of playing tight poker against the small stacks. This hotel, with its gimmicks, attracts a different type of poker player. Most of these folks are tourists who want to play a little bit of poker but don’t really have the funds to do it. Because of this, people with a good strategy and a large stack and prey on their timid actions.

The dealers at the Stratosphere are fairly young and they deal pretty well. Because of their age, they are often some of the most engaging dealers that a person can find in Las Vegas. Still, I can hardly remember any mistakes during my entire time of play there. They take the game seriously but are not afraid to keep the mood light. In my experience, these are some of the best dealers in all of Las Vegas.

Going along with the good service from the dealers, the management at this poker room takes their jobs seriously. They like to go out of their way to make sure that players are not only comfortable but happy. Since the room is small, the management has a bit of an easy job, but they want your business in the future. If you head out to the Stratosphere, you will find a gem of a poker room. It might not be the Wynn, but it’s one of the best small rooms on the Strip.

Do you want to play online poker with your friends? Try these applications!

With the development of Internet technology, almost everything is available on the Internet, and you can do anything online. If you are a poker lover, then you need not go to the casinos to try your luck as now you can play poker online on any situs judi online. Other than websites and online poker platforms, there are various applications too that allow you to add your friends and play online poker with them. There are numerous apps that you can use to enjoy poker sitting in your bed comfort. Some of the most amazing online poker apps are listed below.

Top-notch applications to play online poker with buddies

Appeak poker application

When it comes to online poker apps, then appeak poker is one of the most popular and highly preferred applications. One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is the simple and user-friendly interface that it offers to the users. It is quite easy to use it and play online poker. There are some astonishing features offered by it, such as duel function; this feature allows you to sit face to face with your friends and have a great poker game. The size application is a mere 27 MB, and it doesn’t take much space on your storage.

World Series poker 

World Series of poker, better known as the WSOP, is one of the top-rated poker games which allow you to win some real money. You can easily play it with your friends and earn loads of money. The payment and deposit methods are quite safe and efficient. The size of this poker application is a bit large, as it is of around 75 MB. But the features and interface are quite enjoyable, and you can use it to have some great poker sessions with your friends and colleagues.

Texas Holdem: Shorthanded 6-Max Strategies

If you play any amount of Texas Holdem, you are most certainly fully aware of what a full ring game is. Although a full ring game of Texas Holdem can be very profitable for a good Holdem player, there is another variation that can be even more profitable. The variation I’m referring to is called 6-max Texas Holdem. It is also known as short-handed Texas Holdem. 6-max is exactly what it says. It is a Texas Holdem ring game (or tournament) that has a maximum of 6 players instead of the more traditional nine or ten players at the poker table. How does 6 max Texas Holdem and shorthanded poker compare with that of the full table?

For starters, shorthanded six man Texas Holdem games are more fun because there are definitely more hands played per hour than their larger full ring cousins. This usually results in lots more action and lots more profit if you are any good. Certain starting hands that are not normally playable in a full ring Texas Holdem game are suddenly very playable. Hands such as KTs can sometimes even take down pots uncontested, depending on who is at your table since high cards such as these go up substantially in value while lower cards and small suited connectors go down in value.

Shorthanded 6-max Texas Holdem games are usually much more aggressive in texture than the larger full ring games so you must adjust your game accordingly if you expect to be an effective shorthanded Texas Holdem player. Limping into a shorthanded game is a big no-no and you should never do it. Aggression wins shorthanded poker games so any display of weakness, such as limping in, will almost certainly doom you from the start. You want to play “pump-it-or-dump-it” hands by either raising heavily if decide to play a hand or folding. Checking and calling are obviously not aggressive strategies and really do not belong in your shorthanded poker weapons arsenal.

While aggression is an important part of the game, it does not bode well at times in Texas Holdem because it is all a matter of strategy where you need to have your wits against you and this is why most people fail to shine through in this game as they assume it to be a random bandarq online where everything is up for grabs.

The best shorthanded Texas Holdem players are tight aggressive and these kinds of players are usually rewarded handsomely at the shorthanded 6-max poker tables. Firing off a pot-sized bet following a large pre-flop raise is crucial to showing strength, even if you miss your flop since the flop usually will miss everyone else also. Following this strategy consistently should allow you to earn steady profits from shorthanded 6-max Texas Holdem games. In contrast, failure to play tight aggressive poker will cost you money in the long term.

5 helpful tips and tricks of poker online! Read out the details here!

Are you looking for an online poker platform? But you are confused with the platform selection? Don’t worry; the Pkv games online is here for you. This is a reliable platform, and thousands of people visit this platform. Online gambling or poker is the finest way to make money if you know the right tips and tricks of it. 

The tips and tricks of online poker will be helpful for beginners who have recently joined this platform. But the thing is, what are those tips and tricks? So here we are to help you out. At the points elaborated below, we have given a detailed explanation regarding it. Let’s head towards them:

5 tips to win the poker gameplay easily:

  • The decision of the beginner: 

Even the professional poker players around the globe have losing sessions. This happens when the opponent takes the right step and do not make even a single mistake. 

  • Play calm:

The good decisions will increase the chances for you to win the game along with the right step. So prefer playing poker online calmly and take the proper steps for winning the match.

  • Playing tight style:

The tight style is the approach; this values the essential steps, and the players need to play with few hands. You need to avoid taking risks regarding the steps.

  • Gain information about odds and outs:

For becoming a professional poker player, you need to gain information about the odds and outs of it. The odds are the most acceptable way of elaborating the probability regarding something that is happening. 

  • Practice in free rooms:

When you visit an online gambling platform, you will see several rooms present there; such rooms have several free games that are free to cost. This will be the best opportunity for beginners to learn poker online for free. 

How to Make a Proper Paper Mario Sequel for the Wii a Success

Mario certainly has had quite an impressive run on the Nintendo Wii. Games such as Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros. Wii have become commercial and critical successes, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 is set to launch in May. As excited as I am about that game, one title that I would really like to see is a proper Paper Mario game. I know that Super Paper Mario came out a few years ago, but it was more of a combination of a platform game and RPG elements. It also suffered from such flaws as its inability to decide what kind of game it is, pathetically easy combat, needlessly tedious areas, and tacked-on Wii controls (as it was originally intended to be one of Nintendo’s final Gamecube games). If we do get a Paper Mario RPG game intended as a Wii game from the start, here is what I would like to see so that it may become a classic like the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube versions were. Besides that, there are certain games that you can find on Bandar Poker that are really interesting and engaging. I also want to see a Nintendo version of all those games. 

Obviously, the first step would be to restore the series’ RPG elements. The turn-based battles in the first two games, while largely simple, added plenty of features that kept players on their toes. Action commands could be used to hurt foes a great deal, special attacks could help Mario and his friends in a variety of ways, and in the Thousand-Year Door, the audience system was an incentive for the player to do well enough to get added assistance. The level-up system, in which you could choose to increase your health, flower points (used to perform more powerful attacks), or badge points (which allowed you to wear useful badges) should come back, as well. Part of what made Super Paper Mario a disappointment is that, when you level up, you alternate between increasing your health and increasing your attack power. I would rather play an RPG with stats I select myself instead of predetermined stats.

The partner system should be brought back, with maybe a few changes. For example, maybe Mario could have multiple partners on the battlefield at once this time around. The battles may change to accommodate this new feature, which would give them even more depth. Also, they should make it like Super Mario RPG, in which the party members continue the fight even when Mario has been defeated. Having them simply give up when Mario is taken down even when they are still hale and hearty makes no sense at all. Like in previous games, the party members could learn skills from superblocks or simply gain new items or moves as they explore or gain experience. Having an experience system for the party members would be an interesting addition in that it would allow the players to improve their stats as well as Mario’s to make the game easier or harder as they see fit.

As for the partners, they can be friendlier versions of enemies as in past games, but more familiar characters could be used, as well. Yes, we had Peach, Luigi, and Bowser in Super Paper Mario, but they were severely underutilized since Mario’s ability to switch the perspective from 2D to 3D was needed far too often. The partners should have a lot more to do this time around. Give them unique abilities, like super jumps or increased strength, but do not let Mario steal the spotlight from them more than he has to. Great teamwork is, after all, vital to completing the game’s mission…whatever it turns out to be.

There could be a few changes outside of battle, as well. In past games, the cut scenes would sometimes last way too long and it took forever to skip through the text. I do not mind having to read a lot of text in general, but in some cases, it could be annoying. What Nintendo and Intelligent Systems should do is to give the player the option to skip the cut scenes if he/she wishes. If this action is taken, but the cut scenes had questions that needed to be answered in order to progress the story, the questions should be the only required part of the cut scenes forced onto the player. Doing this would avoid a repeat of the opening cut scene of Super Paper Mario, which was quite long and which had to be viewed again if the player refused to help save the world. I kid you not: you could get a game over before even starting your quest in that scenario, and your progress would not be saved, prompting the cut scene to be viewed again upon selecting the save file. A move like that is pointless and annoying.

While the other Paper Mario games had plenty of exciting action, they also had tedious sections, which sometimes seemed to artificially increase their lengths. The hunt for General White in the Thousand-Year Door, in particular, was a real pain. Such monotony should be eliminated from a new Paper Mario game. The quest should be interesting from start to finish instead of having sections in which a player becomes bored and wishes to get on with the exciting portions. Having a small amount of backtracking is fine, but too much of it is overkill and is the wrong way of adding to a game’s length.

Since this Paper Mario game would be made as a Wii title from the start, Nintendo should find ways to utilize it. There should be action commands that rely on moving the remote around in certain ways to get the most out of attacks or special moves. Some puzzles could be solved with the aid of the remote. The device should be utilized quite a bit, because, in Super Paper Mario, they felt pretty tacked-on, perhaps as an excuse to emphasize the game as a Wii title instead of the Gamecube game it was meant to be. Excellent use of the Wii remote is a must for a Paper Mario Wii title.

As for other changes, the stealth-based missions with Princess Peach should be restored if she is kidnapped once again, and they should require at least as much stealth as the first game, if not more. Bowser’s stages from the Thousand-Year Door were a lot of fun, and I would like to see even more of those. If Nintendo was really ambitious, they could even divide the game into quests taken by different characters, who would then come together for one final quest to finish the story. I would like to see Bowser as the main villain again or failing that, Nintendo could bring back an old foe from the past if they really wanted to. Where has Wart been all these years? What about Tatanga? Perhaps Bowser Jr. could betray his father and try to take over the world himself. There are a lot of story possibilities here, and it would be interesting to see what Nintendo can come up with this time.

There is no telling when, or if, a Paper Mario game that is more like the first two games will be released. Suffice to say that with Mario’s Wii games proving to be successful, such a title could be inevitable at some point before the Wii is discontinued. I love the Mario RPG games, and I felt that the first two Paper Mario games were quite solid. Super Paper Mario, on the other hand, was a bit of a letdown. Hopefully, Nintendo will take my suggestions to heart in order to craft a Paper Mario Wii game that the system desperately needs. Such a title could become one of the plumber’s best RPG games ever made.

Enjoy a Providence Marriott Twin River Summer Escape Weekend

The Providence Marriott can offer a great escape during the summer, all by itself. The newly renovated and refurbished Twin River Casino is also proving to be an outstanding attraction for New Englanders, north to south. Put these two very different venues together and you have the makings of a superior Providence Marriott-Twin River Summer escape weekend. The two sites are located within a 15-minute drive of one another and also not far from bus, train and air travel connections. This is the kind of package that makes going to a casino a good bet all the way around.

Hotel Accommodations. The Marriott is a well-known name in hotel accommodations and their Providence hotel is an excellent example of the kind of quality service one expects at Marriott facilities. The Providence Marriott is a 6-floor beauty offering more than 350 rooms and suites. The Providence Marriott is a real downtown hotel that locates its lodgers in the center of the all the action in Providence.

The city of Providence has recently and successfully experienced more than a decade of rebuilding and remodeling what had bee an old and rather tired looking, small New England City. The new Providence is full of life and excitement. If you choose to invest in the Providence Marriott -Twin River summer escape weekend you can take in all that Providence has to offer.

Within walking distance of the Marriott is one of the biggest and best-known features of the new Providence, the Providence Mall with stores galore, all enclosed for your cool and convenient shopping experience. Trolley service in Providence can deliver you to other attractions in the city according to your interests. There are museums, historic homes, downtown theater attractions, hiking and fitness trails and the campuses of several wells known New England colleges. Your central location puts you in the driver’s seat.

The hotel itself offers guests the luxury of its indoor/outdoor swimming pool, a real summer heat beater and access to the Marriott Fitness Center without ever leaving the grounds. Staying at the Providence Marriott is a fun experience in itself.

Twin Rivers. The same can be true of Twin River Casino. Located in Lincoln, RI, Twin River Casino is nearing the end of a mammoth rebuilding and restructuring project which has seen additions and changes made to the old Lincoln Park setting. Old-timers to the park look on in wonder as a small, rather local attraction has blossomed into a major gaming venue drawing players from all over New England.

If you have never been to either the old Lincoln Park or the new Twin River Casino, you are in for a treat. From the moment you drop your car off at the valet parking area until your final wager you will feel like you are in a quality casino – because you are.

Those who enjoy slot machines will find a great number and variety of new games and old favorites. Gaming regulars will like the fact that their wager can be as little as a penny, but that they can also find the high stakes alcove to place heavier wagers. Whether your pleasure is video slots, video poker or keno, you will find your specialty here at Twin River Casino. You will be pleased to know that there is an entire non- smoking floor available as well. Moreover, if you are not interested in going to the casino you can always try Judi online terpercaya and enjoy your favorite card game on your vacation without leaving the comfort of your house. 

Twin Rivers also offers live greyhound racing on select days of the week and simulcast betting on thoroughbred race tracks across the country. There are plenty of ways to place a bet at Twin Rivers.

When you need a break from the betting action, you can find a wide variety of eateries. On the second floor, you will discover an excellent food court that provides many favorites of the fast-food variety. But there are also choices of sit down venues where you can enjoy ethnic dining or have a great steak if you want to linger over a meal. Perhaps the best value can be found at the Twin River Twin Hearth Buffet. For $15 and more choices than you can possibly try at one sitting the buffet will send you back out onto the gaming floor well fueled and ready for action.

The Providence Marriott and Twin River Summer Escape Weekend. Alone the Providence Marriott or the Twin River Casino can provide visitors with plenty of action and adventure. When you combine the two, you have created the ultimate summer escape weekend.

That’s why the Providence Marriott and Twin River Summer Escape packages are likely to be gobbled up throughout the summer months. In all the Marriott and Twin River Casino have put together 5 packages, though of course, you are free to manufacture your own timetables and expand your overnight escape to several nights on your own.

Choosing one of the packages will mean that included in one package price will be overnight accommodations for two at the Providence Marriott in downtown Providence and a great buffet breakfast for two at the hotel. You will add to that your own choice of extras which may include gift certificates for one of the high-quality restaurants at Twin River’s Casino such as Carmine’s Italian Restaurant or Fred and Steve’s Steakhouse. Or you might choose certificates for Fado’s Irish Pub or tickets to Catch a Rising Star Comedy Club at Twin River. All packages also include special discount coupons and extra points for use at the casino.

Providence Marriott and Twin River packages start at a very reasonable $189. For the opportunity to really feel that you have left it all behind and are on a wonderful and exciting escape you can’t beat this deal. You get two sites to enjoy, instead of one and you get to relax in facilities both in Providence and at Twin River that will look like they have just been done over with you in mind. There is nothing left to do but make a reservation and enjoy by visiting

Prime Sirloin Family Steakhouse in Cherokee, North Carolina

I recently celebrated my 24th birthday and chose to eat at one of my favorite steakhouses in Cherokee, North Carolina. The Prime Sirloin Family Steakhouse in Cherokee, North Carolina has been a favorite of mine because they offer large portions, great tasting food, and affordable prices. For people visiting Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel, the Prime Sirloin Family Steakhouse is conveniently located right across from the casino. But, what makes the Prime Sirloin Family Steakhouse in Cherokee, North Carolina so special?

First of all, the Prime Sirloin Family Steakhouse in Cherokee, North Carolina offers several different cuts of beef. You can get everything from sirloin tips to a New York strip steak. If you’re not interested in steak, the restaurant also offers chicken entrees and sandwiches. Still not interested? The Prime Sirloin Family Steakhouse also offers a large buffet that has everything from fried chicken to macaroni and cheese. Each meal comes complete with the salad and dessert bar.

There was only one cut of meat I was interested in for my birthday. The New York strip steak was extremely large and well worth the cost of $15.99. It came with a large baked potato and a delicious piece of garlic toast. My boyfriend chose their double order of sirloin tips, which only cost $9.99 and comes with your choice of mushroom gravy or peppers and onions. You also get your choice of potato and garlic toast. We were both please with our meal. The Prime Sirloin in Cherokee, North Carolina has never let us down.

I do have a couple complaints about this trip to the Prime Sirloin Family Steakhouse in Cherokee, North Carolina because the travelling machines of them 먹튀 a lots and makes the trip feel bad but the service providers provided with the discounts if an customer faces any of these issuses. First of all, I ordered my steak medium well and it came out well done. My waiter offered to refund my money, have them cook another steak, or I could get the buffet and they would refund the difference. Since the steak was still extremely tender (the most tender well done steak I had every eaten) I decided to eat the steak the way it was. I was extremely satisfied with the way the staff at the Prime Sirloin Family Steakhouse offered to fix the problem. I was a little shocked at their salad and dessert bar this time too. Some of the items on the salad bar were not as cold as they should have been. The dessert bar was also pretty pathetic.

All and all, when I look back on the many meals we’ve had at the Prime Sirloin Family Steakhouse in Cherokee, North Carolina I have to give them 4 and half stars. While the salad bar and dessert bar weren’t that great, the food we ordered was fantastic. They also handled the problem I had appropriately and the prices were amazing. I would definitely recommend the Prime Sirloin Family Steakhouse in Cherokee, North Carolina.

Analysis: Why FortuNet Inc.’s Move to Scale Back Portable Gambling Device Plan Shows Successful Model

For well over a year, those of us that report on operations and news that effect casinos have been intrigued by the development of portable gambling devices byFortuNet Inc. The capabilities of the hardware and software gave many of us a lot of room to consider effects on the gambling industry. As a political advisor, and gambling industry writer, I have to say that the decision by FortuNet Inc. to discontinue their current move to place their portable gambling devices in casinos in Las Vegas was a good one.

For those of you that have not had a chance to look into this topic, I can give you a brief overview.

FortuNet Inc. makes portable gambling devices that are used in larger bingo halls across the United States. FortuNet Inc. has been working on software to convert these portable gambling devices to casino use. By using one of their mobile pads, a casino player would be able to play keno, slots, poker, video poker, or roulette from anywhere on a casino’s property. Think about it like a video game that used real money.

On Friday (October 23rd, 2009), FortuNet Inc. announced that it would discontinue it’s push to have these portable gambling devices put into Las Vegas casinos. They are going to take a loss on the money (over $1.6 million) that they have used to market these portable gambling devices to the Nevada State Gaming Commission.

The reasoning for this move by FortuNet Inc. is simple. With the economy in a downturn right now, casinos have less business. Less business means that they have more slot machines and chairs open at table games than they have bodies to fill them. Why come out with portable gambling devices right now that are going to take more people away from these seats? Why not come out with these devices once the economy is back up in an upswing?

This move shows that FortuNet Inc. is more concerned with long-term growth potential than it is with a current influx of cash. If you look over any industry right now, one would be hard-pressed to find many companies in any industry that share this kind of vision.

Plus, in the future, when FortuNet Inc. makes a push once again to have the Nevada State Gaming Commission allow their portable gambling devices, less money will need to be spent. The seed has already been planted, and it now has a longer time to grow in the minds of the NSGC. When the time finally comes to cultivate that seed, the members of the NSGC should (nothing is ever definite in the gambling industry) be more prone to the idea.

A company tat knows when the time is right to scale a program back like this shows logic and a state of protectionism of link alternatif Sbobet should have checked the website before making the such selection for better enhancement of their concerns and to make the indulgement of maximum people. While protectionism is sometimes frowned upon by the business world, the presence is welcomed in a time of financial fluctuation like this.

While I personally was hoping to see portable gambling devices from FortuNet Inc. by the spring of next year, I am happy (for them) that they made the decision to step back from the project. Now, they have more time to clean up their software, and find new applications for it. While this also gives time for more competitors to copy the idea, it also gives FortuNet Inc. more time to perfect it.

Where to Download Free Wii Games?

You’ve just gone through an exhaustive search for Nintendo’s elusive Wii, the hard-to-find game console. Looking under every rock, nook and cranny and checking with every retailer known to man, you have finally achieved gaming nirvana. Now that you have the Wii, it’s common to run into another obstacle: the cost of Wii games. Fortunately, there are numerous online options for downloading free Wii games, safely and legally.

The Wii is highly prized by video game enthusiasts for its innovative functions and controls which are able to bestow new life on even the dullest games. Gamers can experience sticker shock, however, when faced with the cost of Wii games. With a little time and effort on the Internet, though, you can find all the free Wii contests your heart desires. Here are some tips on how to accomplish that.

Be particularly careful when downloading Wii games that you adhere to the letter of the law. Many disreputable websites will have you running the risk of being charged with copyright theft for downloading free Wii games.

That’s good advice also when it comes to protecting your computer. There is no end to the number of fraudulent operators on the Web who are looking for a way into your PC, for the purpose of crashing it or even worse, gaining access to your financial data. Offering free Wii games gives them the way in if you are not cautious. Make sure you have good antivirus software and that you keep your firewall turned on. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a whole world of hurt.

Now that we have the bad news out of the way, the good news is that many sites exist where you can safely and legally download Wii games. Yes, there are shady operators who are looking to scam you, but many more who are simply trying to provide a valuable service to the gaming community. In the the previous years, gamers would download free Wii games from peer-to-peer (P2P) or BitTorrent protocol sites, but with the danger to your computer magnified and the ever present threat of illegality, those options have fallen by the wayside.

Nevertheless, many sites have cropped up which will offer you free Wii downloads for life, such as that is similar to judi casino online terpercaya but the differentiating part is the free bonuses and the tips which this website do not provides. Wii gamers are flocking to these sites like bees to honey or rather like shoppers on Black Friday. The sites likely charge a minimal one-time fee for access, but once you sign up, you’ll have an endless array of downloads for your Wii. The file transfers will usually take place at high speed and the quality of the downloads is typically top-notch. Once you find one of these sites, you’ll feel like you just hit the gaming version of the lottery.

Now that you’ve made the investment (in time as well as money) in the Wii console, don’t get frustrated with the cost of Wii games. With due diligence, you will reach the promised land of free Wii game downloads and be able to live the life of a contented and happy gamer.

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