Super Bowl Gambling Tips – What are the tips?


There is no easy answer when asked how to win at Super Bowl gambling, however there are many things you can do to improve your odds of winning. Let’s take a look at a few…

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  • Check weather reports. Rain may mean a sloppy field which can and will affect the way the game is played. This may force a passing team to go to the run or a team with weak special teams to be even worse. There are endless possibilities both good and bad with regard to snow or rain in the forecast. Always check your weather reports!

  • Don’t bet on favorites on nationally televised games. We’re not saying favorites won’t win, our reasoning comes from the FACT that Super Bowl oddsmakers know the general betting public loves to bet the favorite. With that being said, they know the general betting public will be betting heavily on the nationally televised game and knowing this they may inflate the line sucking ALL the value out of the bet actually making the underdog the valuable play. We’re not saying this will happen every time, but if you bet TV faves your going to get smoked over the long run!
  • Don’t bet on “overs” on nationally televised games. Same reasoning as above in point #2.
  • Check injury reports! Nothing is more disheartening than betting on a team and finding out their starting quarterback or running back is out with an injury or illness. This happens, so ALWAYS make sure your on top of the current lineup situation!
  • Check line movement on the game. What this means is check the opening line on the game. If the current line greatly differs from the opening line than you best do your homework and find out why the line has moved. Often times it’s just public money or wiseguy money, but this could be a huge red flag regarding an injury or wiseguys hammering a play.
  • Check out stats. Find what a team’s strength is and what their weaknesses may be. If you have a strong passing team going up against the leagues worst passing defense, this is something you want to use as a starting ground to start handicapping a game. Chances are, this is already factored into the point spread, but it always helps to have some substance and reasoning for making your bet.

  • Don’t be afraid to bet totals instead of sides. Totals have lower limits for a reason. Their easy to beat! Totals are actually more fun as well as you can root for both damn teams!
  • This is one of our pet peeves and probably the most overlooked thing when handicapping Super Bowl games. TURNOVERS!!!! You can’t predict them but some teams have way more turnovers than others. Yes, there are teams that are disciplined and teams that are not. Hell, some teams are even good at creating turnovers! Know these teams and know them well! How many times have you been watching a game that is decided by a freaking turnover? About half! Don’t be sitting in your lazy boy on Sunday all pumped up about your bet and have to sit through a half-time report listening to how your team has thrown 3 int’s and lost 2 fumbles. Your Sunday afternoon beers are mighty tastier when your the recipient of a turnover, not the one doling them out!
  • Don’t bet with your heart. Your favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings? Great, wear them on your jersey, not in your pocketbook. Betting on your favorite team will get you in deep shit, real fast! Bet where the value is, even if it means going against your boys!
  • Don’t chase losses! Your 0-2 after the early games? Don’t worry, its a long season and there IS ALWAYS ANOTHER GAME! Don’t blow your freaking bankroll by week 3. There are good days and there’ll be bad days. Try to keep your bets modest so you don’t tank out early!