Types of Poker Tournaments


When a poker player intends to join a poker tournament, he may find himself being surrounded by different kinds of tournaments available both online and in land-based casinos. There are, indeed, so many kinds of poker tournaments. But how can a poker player choose which tournament best suits him? The first step, obviously, is to have knowledge. According to Francis Bacon, “knowledge is power”. And such holds true in the actual game of poker, and in choosing which poker tournament to join.

Fortunately, there are only two basic types of tournaments. These are called “Freeze outs” and “Re-buys”. In a freeze out tournament, the first basic rule is that all poker players start with the same number of chips. And the second basic rule is that when a poker player runs out of chips, he is declared out of the tournament.

This implies that when a poker player decides to join a freeze out tournament, he must employ a tight strategy. Being loose in calls and bets can only end up being deprived of those precious chips. In a re-buy poker tournament, the poker player is allowed to replenish his chips, in a process called re-buy. Some re-buy poker tournaments allow a re-buy of less than the original amount in the buy in.

And other re-buy poker tournaments allow only a limited number of re-buys. Whichever rule is being implemented, the chips gained from a re-buy are called “add on”. Another important feature of re-buy poker tournaments are the presence of levels. That is, a poker player must meet the requirements at the lower level before he can proceed to the higher level. Otherwise, he is out of the poker tournament.

How long a tournament lasts also describes the level of the tournament. Thus, there are short length levels, medium length levels, and long level poker tournaments. Small casinos hold short length level tournaments. That is, a tournament lasts about four to five hours, with each level of play going for less than twenty minutes. Such tournaments are obviously fast and highly structured.

For medium length level poker tournaments, each level of play is about thirty to forty minutes, and the whole tournament can last for about eight hours. The long length tournaments last for two or more days. A usual day of such a poker tournament involves ten to twelve hours of poker games. Some of these long length tournaments require an entrance fee, which is called the “juice”.

While others demand no entrance fee so that these online casinos can promote their site. Aside from the two basic tournaments, there are also special tournaments, such as the “single table satellites”. These are mini-tournaments in which the single winner of one satellite tournament earns a seat at the major tournament.

Such is the basic set-up of the World Series of Poker. After a click at https://jasdomqq.org link, online players are information on how to join the poker tournaments. There should be availability of the skills and knowledge for the participation in the leagues. The concentration of the online gamers should be on winning at the tournament with real cash rewards.