Casino Man Gambling Toolbar- Understand the basics about the toolbar

Casino Gambling
  • Casino News Search – find all the latest online casino news and industry news at your fingertips. Just enter a search term here and it will search our extensive news database to find matching articles on your topic.
  • Block Popups – following our recognized stance on no popup windows, our toolbar now have a block popup feature to make your internet surfing a more pleasurable experience. Get rid of those annoying popups and find your online casino in peace!

  • CasinoRank – the toolbar has this excellent feature to show you the popularity of an online casino. After you have installed the toolbar, if you visit one of the many online casino websites on the internet, the bar will show you the CasinoRank as voted for by our website visitors. It will give you an clear indication immiediately of whether an online casino is worth playing or not. It will also light up the if there is a review on our website for the online casino you are visiting. For a snapshot of the casino info, click on the blue ‘i’ icon.
  • SiteRank – this is the dual function of the ranking system. If the site is not an online casino, it will change to a SiteRank which provides you with information about the website you are visiting, as well as the ranking given by other people who have visited this site, and voted for it on our website. Click on the to vote for this website. Webmasters can boost your own rankings by encouraging your visitors to vote for your site.
  • Casino Bonus Info – this button will show you the 1st deposit bonus offered by the casino website, the Bonus Wagering Ratio (bracketed number), and the wagering requirements.
  • Latest Casino Offers – this scrolling offer section will beam you all the best and latest offers from online casinos. Look out too for the special exclusive offers which will appear here.
  • Progressive Jackpots – find out all the latest Microgaming jackpot figures at the touch of a button.

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The Casino Man Gambling Toolbar is a small toolbar that runs at the top of your browser, with integrated features to help you find your ideal online casino.Some of the features which the gambling toolbar supports are listed belowOur toolbar is self updating as well, so as we make improvements to the bar, your toolbar will automatically be updated with the latest version. In future there will be various updates to provide further information about the sites you visit, hopefully giving you the best advice as to which online casino to play at.

Our toolbar is 100% virus and spyware free (Digitally signed for your security)The install is only 260kb, and those of you familiar with the Google toolbar will love this toolbar! Download Now! CasinoRank is linked directly to the CasinoMan.Net website, and visitors who vote for online casinos will contribute to an online casinos CasinoRank.The total ranking score is not simply the average vote scores from our visitors, but it is also an indication of the level of service and online casino would provide.The weighted score takes into account information such as payout percentages, bonus offers, the number of payment methods accepted, and provision of contact details, to name but a few of the contributing factors.

This way, you can be assured that scores cannot be skewed simply by biased voting. The CasinoRank is a REAL indication of how good an online casino is.We hope you will find this feature useful in your search for your perfect online gambling experience.