Gambling Business Management Tools


Fancy graphics, off-beat ideas, and overall game design may be what catch the players’ attention, but they’re only half the story as far as running a successful online gaming business is concerned. For the operator, having an effective backend management system is just as important, even more so in some cases.

Integrated Poker Software Tools

Our poker online software comes integrated with a real-time secure BackOffice management system that provides you as well as all supported staff with all the required data in real-time. This system provides the operator with the tools to gather game and player-related data and construct it into meaningful real-time reports that inform them on various facets of the online gaming business they are running.

Our Backend Management System is designed to provide online gaming operators with the most exhaustive reporting capabilities in the industry, along with various reporting and administrative tools to help organize data and generate reports on player habits, affiliates, risk management, player management, game trends, cash flow management, and cashier management. These tools help you tweak your current efforts to maximize output, as well as help you discover new income streams.

Key Poker Software Management Tools

Our system is managed through the admin section that can be completely personalized, providing online poker operators the exact tools they wish to use to monitor, control and manage their online gaming system and processes. The interface is designed for ease of use and is intuitive, easily understandable, and seamlessly merges various aspects of the business to give you the complete picture in the least possible time.

Some of these modules included within the suite of poker software tools include

Game management tools Tournament management tools Player Management tools Affiliate management tools Risk Management tools Cashier Management tools Banking management tools

Poker Software Reporting Tools

We understand that as an operator, it is imperative to keep track of your players as well as every aspect of the poker software in real-time. Our custom poker software tools provide a high level of customization for poker reports by providing Poker Dashboards and Poker Reports, all of which are updated in real-time. Our custom poker software tools provide poker dashboards that cover every aspect of the poker software, from the number of daily registrations, affiliate signups to revenue and rake generated on a day-to-day basis. The poker reports provide a complete and thorough information base using which our operators and stakeholders can take key business decisions pertaining to the poker software as well as the complete online poker operations.

Poker Game and Player Management Tools

Our integrated BackOffice allows us to provide all possible reports and management tools that you would need to run your online gaming business. Here’s an example of some poker software tools that may be used in administrative or reporting roles:

Content Management System for quick dispersal of information through the website. Poker game management tools. Moderation of player profiles. Affiliate module for monitoring of affiliate activity Financial data, payment processing information, and money flow vis-à-vis players. Analytical poker software tools to help you with future projections based on summarized data of current trends.

Rights-based Backoffice access

You can choose to grant access to specific views for all the users in the back office, so you can give custom rights to individuals. This means that a person involved in finance can be given access only to specific views in the banking and player management modules and so on. This way you can grant restricted access to your team.

Custom Poker Reports

As an operator, you might want to know a particular segment of the business more closely. Our online poker software is built in such a fashion with open poker software tools that custom reports can be pulled and displayed quickly as soon as all the parameters are known for a report.