Observe the shuffling and get the playing benefits at the casino!!

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This method involves observing the cards: how they are clustered in certain areas of the shoe, follow the mixing of the cards when the shoe is empty. This determines whether the next card deck of the shoe contains more or less of figures …

The observation of the mixture of cards (or card shuffling) is a traditional method that you just will not hear much about. It is a little known method and you will not find much information, this technique is rather advanced and difficult to master. In English, the words used are “shuffle tracking”, “Ace sequencing” and “Card steering”.

The general principle is to find and follow the simple sequence of logs, so that you can determine that such portion of the shoe contains more figures than another. We observe how the played cards are placed in the discard pile. As explained in the pages of counting cards , the player logs ADVANTAGE over the casino.

The observation of the shuffling at Mahirqq site will result in winnings for the players. The understanding of the terms and conditions is required to enhance the experience. The support from the experts is required to be excellent for placing the bets at the table. 

What is a good mix of cards?

To be truly mixed, the maps should be mixed more than 40 times by the dealer! What ever happens recess. The cards are never well mixed, sequences of cards will recur, logs or sequences of cards will accumulate in various parts of the hoof.

When does the shoe is remixed?

The dealer inserts a card in the deck cutting (cut card) in general to three-quarters of the hoof. When this card cut out, he remixes the hoof. The concept of penetration is from there: a penetration rate of 50% means that the game is remixed to half, while a rate of 75% means it is remixed three quarters.

How does the observation of mixing of the cards (in English: Shuffle Tracking)

When you play on a new shoe, mentally note the flow maps by dividing the heel into equal sections and try to identify the sections that have large percentages of As and figures, then observe how the cards are placed in the discard pile.

Observe how the dealer shuffles the cards. Keep in mind the piles of cards high (or low), and where do they reappear in the next heel. When you play the next bead, increase your bets when the dealer reaches the sections with lots of high cards, and reduce your bet otherwise.

Warning: This is an advanced method!

Although our article might suggest that it is a simple method, this method remains a technical advantage of the most complex that exist blakcjack. Misused, this method alone can ruin a well-funded player!

This technique, besides being difficult to master, is useless in casinos using automatic mixers , or discards duplicates. In any case, if the casino is using an automatic mixer, the counter card will not play at this table, and you should not either!