Gambling in a Casino

Casino Gambling

So, you want to make a few extra bucks for the day? Say about fifty or seventy-five dollars? Playing black jack could be the way to have the financial freedom to take your kids to the movies, go out to dinner, or simply buy those shoes or that case of beer for the party tonight.

I suggest going to a casino, as long as you have one near by, and deciding how much you want to make for the day. First off, you want to sit down at the table and not play the first few hands. Sit there and play about the 4th hand. Say you want to make $75 dollars for the day, place $25 dollar bets. This means you only have to win three hands to get your $75 dollar goal. When you win three hands then walk out, and you have made seventy five dollars that day. Don’t spend all your winnings. Save just $25 dollars each time to cover any losses. You are going to win, that is a guarantee, but so is losing. So if you lose the first hand, you have to cut your losses and walk out. But most nights you will walk out with your $75 dollar goal. And of course you can do it with any increment bet.

Beginners are advised that this is no child’s play and you need a lot of practice before setting foot in the casino, which you can do so by trying out situs poker online so that it would give you an idea of what to expect.