Review of The Stratosphere Poker Room

Gaming Poker

When most people think of the Stratosphere Hotel, they think of gimmicks, lights, and some roof-top amusements. Few folks know that this hotel actually has a pretty nice poker room. If you can get beyond the cheap look of the hotel, the shady area that it is in, and the overall stigma, then you will find something of a hidden gem of a poker room that is quite similar to Sakongkiu.

The low-rent nature of the hotel does not seem to carry over into the poker room. The room features tables that have some of the best felt in the entire city. The tables might not look like much, but when you sit down, you realize that they are of high quality. The chips are very nice, as well. They do a lot with this room considering what they have to work with.

If you decide to play the $1/$2 no-limit game with the $300 maximum buy-in, you will be treated to some of the weakest competition in the entire city. For the most part, good players can succeed in the Stratosphere poker room by buying into these games for the maximum amount of playing tight poker against the small stacks. This hotel, with its gimmicks, attracts a different type of poker player. Most of these folks are tourists who want to play a little bit of poker but don’t really have the funds to do it. Because of this, people with a good strategy and a large stack and prey on their timid actions.

The dealers at the Stratosphere are fairly young and they deal pretty well. Because of their age, they are often some of the most engaging dealers that a person can find in Las Vegas. Still, I can hardly remember any mistakes during my entire time of play there. They take the game seriously but are not afraid to keep the mood light. In my experience, these are some of the best dealers in all of Las Vegas.

Going along with the good service from the dealers, the management at this poker room takes their jobs seriously. They like to go out of their way to make sure that players are not only comfortable but happy. Since the room is small, the management has a bit of an easy job, but they want your business in the future. If you head out to the Stratosphere, you will find a gem of a poker room. It might not be the Wynn, but it’s one of the best small rooms on the Strip.