Poker terms such as call, raise, bad beat, texas holdem and many others


Action – the opportunity to bet, call, check, fold or raise. All-in – to run out of chips whilst betting or calling. If playing in a table stakes game, once you have contributed all your chips during a hand, you can’t reach for more.

Ante – the initial portion of a bet by each player at the beginning of a hand..

Bad beat – when an ordinary hand beats a more favoured hand. Basically the player should have folded much earlier and luck was the only thing on their side.

Berry patch – an easy game where good players can win some easy money.

Blank – a table card that doesn’t help your hand.

Blind – a bet before any cards are dealt.

Bluff – to bet with an ordinary hand hoping the others will fold.

Board – all the community cards is a hold’em game.

Bottom pair – the lowest pair on the flop.

Burn – the top card is placed face down between rounds as a means of security, just in case a player has seen it.

Button – the white disk used to indicate the (notional) dealer.

Buy the pot – a bluffing tactic whereby the player hopes to get the pot without being called.

Blind – a bet before any cards are dealt.

Calling station – a player who calls often but hardly ever raises or folds. The result being they contribute a lot to the pot without being much of a challenge to play against.

Card speak – a rule that states the value of the hand is according to the cards, not what the player has siad their hand is worth. Case – the last card of a rank still in the deck.

Center pot – the first pot created in a poker hand. As oppposed to the side pots created when a player has gone all-in.

Check raise – a late raise in the betting round after previosuly checking.

Complete hand – a hand that uses all five cards. eg a straight or flush.

Counterfeit – when the flop cards duplicate your hand thus rendering your hand less valuable.

Crack – usually said when a big hand is beaten. Dead card – a card that is out of play.

Dominated hand – a weak hand that will probably lose.

Blind – a bet before any cards are dealt.

Down to the felt – to be out of money.

Family pot – a pot where most or all players have called before the flop.

Fifth street – the fifth card dealt in Stud Poker.

Flop – the first three community cards put out face up.

Foul – a hand that cannot be played, and hence the player cannot participate any further.

Heads up – refers to the pot when there are only two players contesting it. Gutshot – a straight that is missing an inside card.

Jackpot – bonus paid to a loser of a hand, if beaten by a very good hand. The loser would usually need something like aces full or better. This jackpot is funded from the rake.

Joker – a wildcard used in high and low ball games.

Live blind – a forced et before any cards are dealt.

Lock – a hand that is good enough to win part of the pot.

Maniac – the player who does a lot of irrational betting, raising and bluffing. Not good to do all the time but useful in some situations to confuse opponents.

No limit – a variation where the player can bet any amount of chips.

Nuts – the best possible hand.

On tilt – a player who let’s their emotions rule, usually ending in bad decisions.

Out – any card that will make a winning hand.

Overcard – a card that is higher than any other card on the board.

Pay off – calling a bet where the bettor has a more favourable hand but the pot size justifies the call.

Play the board – to use all the community cards and none of your own. Pocket – a players cards that only they can see.

Post – to put in a blind bet usually when you first start at a game.

Pot limit – a variation where the player can bet up to the amount of the pot.

Rake – the cardroom’s income which is taken from the pot.

Represent – to play as if you have another hand, not the one your actually have.

Rock – a player who only raises when they have the best hand and tends to be predictable.

Rounder – an experienced player who makes their living from poker.

Scare card – a community card that can ruin your hand.

Sell – to bet less than the maximum when you have a good hand, hoping the other players will call.

Set – three of a kind with two in your hand and one on the board.

Showdown – when all remaining players show their cards to establish who has the best hand.

Side pot – a pot resulting from a player going all in. Not all players particiapte in side pots.

Slow play – a means of keeping players in the pot by playing a strong hand weakly.

Snap off – to beat a bluffer with finesse rather than a good hand.

Split pot – when two or more players share a pot because of equal ranking hands.

Table stakes – a rule where a player can only bet with the chips in front of them on the table. They cannot reach for more chips during a hand.

See all-in and side pot.

Tap – betting the same amount as a player’s stack forcing them to go all-in inorder to call.

Toke – a small amount given to the dealer by the winner of a pot. Under the gun – the first player to act in the betting round.

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